Bill Looman talks a good game about Free Speech, but here is what HE does if he doesn't like what you say:

What kind of threat on the internet can be all that bad, well, judge for yourself.  This is the original editorial I wrote the end of May, 2008:

First Blood

Who's Going to Be the First to Die

Bill and Vinissa Looman are pitting neighbor against neighbor in their quest to get rid of the people they and Bonnie Frith don't like in Beaver Run.  The current feud is over dogs.  I won't take sides in neighborhood disputes, but I think they are both in the wrong in this case.  Both have dogs and both do not have them inside a fence.  

The problem is that Bill and Vinissa are taking sides and are egging on the dispute by doing so.  Yesterday one neighbor went to the other neighbor's lot with a baseball bat and had a friend or relative up the road pointing a rifle at their neighbor.  This was all over barking dogs, all of them were barking.  The Sheriff had to be called to intervene and evidently Looman had used his influence to tilt the scales against one party, not the ones carrying the bat and pointing the gun.  For some reason the deputy didn't think that was an issue.  I may not have the story totally correct, but the point is that this dispute would not have escalated if both neighbors were held accountable for their violations of the leash laws, not just the one who Bill Looman and Bonnie Frith are trying to get rid of.  

If the Friths and Loomans continue with their rampage of violation letters, evictions and favoritism, someone is going to get hurt or killed.  Bill Looman and his wife are fast becoming a serious problem in Beaver Run.  The Friths and Loomans need to face the fact that the Restrictions are gone and let the county take care of individual violations.  Neither the Loomans nor the Friths get to decide who lives in Beaver Run, this is not Nazi Germany.  

If your neighbor is violating the law, call the appropriate county agency or the Sheriff's Department, don't go to his/her property with a bat and gun, you're only asking for problems and someone is going to get seriously hurt.  Remember, we are all in this subdivision together and we will all sink or float together; and if the Friths and Loomans don't get the hell out of Beaver Run we are all going to sink.  The Friths don't live out here and the Looman's lots are not even in Beaver Run.  Looman should pick up his marbles and go home feeling lucky that someone doesn't get a court injunction to keep him off of Beaver Run roads.  

The Judge laughed this one right out of court.  

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